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5th of August 2003

Babes Reloaded | Single | Author: Taivo Maripuu | Download 110Kt

Description: 'Babes Reloaded' is a sequel to Taivo's 'Babes' which scored quite well in 'Maps' section. However as Taivo states in the readme - you can't compare these two since Taivo has increased his skills since 'Babes'.

Design: Design is very sweet with tiny details - mostly made of sprites - everywhere. Some of the indoor locations reminded me of Pascal's Roch levels with similar texturing & details. There is a lot of variety around the level. A babe complex, a porno-shop, some nice outdoor areas, an alien planet and a We Store Your Crap facility (which is a bit too similar to 'We Store Your Crap Remix' - especially the outdoor area - Credits are missing).

Textures: Texturing is brilliant. The way Taivo textured the Babeland house in the beginning is just awesome. There are also some nice posters and the sky is excellent.

Gameplay: Gameplay is ok. There could be more health, weapons and some tough fights. Now some locations feel a bit empty. Puzzles are ok and there's one a bit tougher puzzle to solve but nothing too difficult or easy. There's one explosions which is a bit annoying as it seems to be the case that you get some damage out of it in any case.

Innovations: Nice dildoes.

Conclusion: Very well designed level with some nice new ideas.

Rating: 90