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5th of March 2008

Aliens vs Duke | Single | Author: Marek "Fallout" Kubáček, DDuge, Daedolon | Download 22Mb

Description: Aliens versus Duke was under construction for years. It was the most interesting Alien themed Total Conversion. Now it's dead but at least one map along with tons of new stuff got salvaged. Let's call this a mini TC.

Review: Fallout has worked on Alien themed stuff before. Maps Aliens & Aliens 2 were built by him. The demo map is amazing. It captures the feel and look of Aliens (the second Alien film). Lighting is excellent, sound usage atmospheric (except the motion sensor doesn't sound that good when walking; however, the sensor is essential and actually works) and there's tons of interesting architecture, including neat details and complex spritework. Only the hive seemed a bit modest.

Those who have played Aliens versus Predator (preferably the first one) know what to expect. In terms of pacing, atmosphere and look it's very much like the Rebellion's game. And no, it didn't matter one bit that I have walked through similar looking hallways a million times. There are just two types of enemies: Xenomorphs & Facehuggers but that's all you need. The Xenomorph acts like one (unless you're using EDuke32) and is scary. I actually found myself shutting all doors behind me as a precaution. Facehuggers kill you instantly so you better shoot them from a distance. Both spill acid.

Gameplay is further enhanced by several scripted sequences and well used sound effects. Sounds, textures and everything fit well together. The map takes around 20 minutes and leaves you thirsty for more.

Conclusion: The TC never got out but at least something did. This one-map mini release looks and feels like Aliens and is among the finest, if the not finest Alien themed map for Duke3D.

Note on Duke3D ports: The first time I played this I used EDuke32 and an unclean Duke3D directory. The Xenomorphs had trouble navigating but other than that it worked fine. The second time I used an empty directory (you only need to copy Duke3d.grp) and Jonof's port (comes with the map and is recommended) and everything worked fine except one scripted sequence was missing blood.

Rating: 96