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Asylum | Single | Author: Bob Masters | Download 127kt

Bob Masters is mostly known from his '2Bizarre' map and 'Starship Troopers TC' map 'Lost Contact' (one of the best in TC). Just like 2Bizarre this one is bizarre too. Level architecture is empty and there are no details but that's perfect for this map. 'Asylum' has lots of new stuff. There are few new enemies: 'Terminator' is that crushed terminator from E3L11 with new con code. 'Ufo' is well a UFO. 'Mechanical Spider' is a very nice creature which is almost like Alien facehugger. All these enemies are pretty small and uses Duke's old art. Other features are too available. There are armor etc. buttons to collect (they look like nuke logos), Rubber Cans can be moved from one place to another. The facility where Duke is sent looks bizarre. It has invisibility sectors (very nice but bad for the eyes), anti-gravity sectors and time-stop sectors (even too nice). There are also sectors for slow and fast aliens etc. Anyway this map is full of bizarre and incredible looking unique areas, lots of extra .con file stuff, some art, good plot and gameplay. Visit also at Bob's site to get his 2Bizarre level.

New version which supports v1.4 and 1.5 perfectly can be downloaded here!


Rating: 94