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10th of November 2003

Alien Space Station | Single/DM | Author: Devastator | Download 99Kt

Description: 'Alien Space Station' or 'ASS' is so far the best level by Devastator who started at MSDN about a year ago with poor 'Space Vessel' and has since become one of today's most active mappers (try his previous 'Dawn in Arctic').

Design: Devastator's style has always been a bit 'messy'. It feels as if a lot of stuff has just been thrown together. However the finished product is a well designed level with Devastator's original design. It's not really the amount of details which will strike you but the beauty and originality of locations. Outdoor areas have shooting cannons, space ships, transport systems etc. Indoor locations have all kinds of organic from typical areas to more original areas.

Textures: Typical E4L10 & E2L4 textures combined pretty well together with a touch of originality.

Gameplay: Gameplay is all the time challenging but not too difficult. Although you're given a lot of ammunitions, weapons & health you'll face a few very tough fights with tons of monsters. Combats like this are always refreshing when they're done so that you have a realistic chance to survive without uber skills. Puzzles might confuse you at times but they're pretty simple - especially if you compare them to Devastator's previous levels.

Innovations: Like WGAlien & Starlite Project this one also comes with a mission where you have to blow up a space ship with a missile. The effect is well made and uses tons of explosions. There are other innovations as well such as shooting cannons, a room which will turn into a vacuum once you open a gate, nice 3d-buttons etc.

Conclusion: Enjoyable level in every way - It has tons of monsters, good puzzles (not too basic or too difficult) and very interesting locations and effects.

Rating: 93