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ARSP1 | Single/DM | Author: Aaro Ruohonen | Download 45kt

'Aaro Ruohonen Single Player 1' - ARSP1 in short - is a second released level by a Finnish mapper Aaro Ruohonen who previously released a masterpiece called 'Death'. ARSP1 is a work of art if compared to 'Death'. Shadows are where they should be and they look neat, there are some details (hotel lobby is a bit empty) and textures are mostly well picked. Style is quite common movie theater(no big screen this time)/hotel level. Theater has some bathrooms, a night club & even a small part from 'Hotel Hell' (which is just a rip off - nothing special). Three cards are required and puzzles are quite common. I was a beta-tester so we managed to remove most of the bugs but skybox is still a bit odd due to shadows on the floor. Enemy/weapon balance is very good but to get Chaingun you need to find a secret place. Fun & good looking map.


Rating: 86