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28th of July 2003

Dawn in Arctic | Single | Author: Devastator | Download 242kt

Description: Devastator makes a comeback to 'Hot Maps' section. This is a pretty big arctic level with some new ideas and a bit difficult gameplay. NOTE: This level comes with a new con file so you need a bat file to launch it. The bat file comes with the level but it launches the game with s4 so all enemies will respawn. I included another bat file to zip called 'IceEasy.bat'. Use it to launch the game with a normal skill level.

Design: Once again Devastator has improved his skills. There are lots of details, eyecandy & some new ideas. The arctic outdoor area in the beginning looks realistic enough and then we have a boat, a lighthouse and some underwater areas. The house in the beginning is very well made. Shadows are ok although some locations could have used a bit more of them. And the area in the beginning feels a bit too dark. Design has its flaws as well. The underwater area has parts where when you exit the water (or enter it) the screen palette won't change between underwater/above water sectors. However 'Dawn in Arctic' has a complex and partly beautiful design.

Textures: There are some new textures like the new snow texture but that's about it. Textures are well picked and Devastator clearly has his own style and set.

Gameplay: Gameplay has its flaws. When I played this for the first time the enemies kept respawning. The author should have mentioned in ice.txt that the bat file launches the game with s4. Anyways with normal skill levels combats are pretty good - neither easy nor impossible. The outdoor area in the beginning has some nasty combats with tons of enemies. Puzzles get a bit annoying once you get underwater. There's one door which won't open unless you kick it. This should have been noted in the txt. Underwater area is a bit too frustrating if you don't know what to do and obviously you won't when you play it for the first time. Most of the level is typical key hunting and non-frustrating action.

Innovations: This level has some good outstanding parts. The lighthouse is pretty well made although you won't spend much time there. The house in the beginning shows some nice effects once you exit it - see it for yourself. The end sequence happens fast but is well made with a nice action sequence.

Conclusion: Well it's big, good looking and it has some new innovations and effects. Just remember to kick that one door and turn s4 off and you'll be fine.

Rating: 87