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8th of January 2006

Aqua Base | Single | Author: Supertanker | Download 552kt

Description: Supertanker's first hottie, released on New Year's Eve of 2005/06. "Aqua Base" is a short underwater hi-tech map.

Design: During the past few months Supertanker successfully developed his building skills enough for Aqua Base to hit Hot Maps. The amount of details and well-used textures is evident but the level is overly bright and there's very little, if any, variety in the overall lightning of the map. This is the area Supertanker has to focus more on his future projects.

Textures: The variety in texturing is pretty convincing and there's a noticeable common texture theme in use. There's a lot of satisfactioning trimwork all around the place and hardly any problems with texture alignment.

Gameplay: The level is a short one - should take you no more than seven minutes. Monster/ammo balance is pretty good. There's a lot of action but very little any real challenge. Supertanker also filled the level with a bunch of new sounds which are, all of them, meaningless and not better than using the old sounds would have been.

Conclusion: Action packed, short and good looking but with non-existant lightning effects and very little any real challenge or variety in gameplay.

Rating: 86