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6th of December 2006

Aqua 3 | Single/DM | Author: Ben Roffelsen | Download 58Kb

Description: Considered a classic by some, Aqua is the third and last installment of the three-map serie. It's a prison in the middle of water and offers less variety than the first two parts.

Design: The journey begins from a submarine and continues to the prison area where cells are separated by toxic waste slime. Some of the areas such as the sub and the prison messhall are a bit too cramped. You won't find that many cool details from the map. The architecture is rather basic concrete/hi-tech stuff but it's still above average.

Gameplay: Most of the time the level plays fine but there were a few annoying cramped-area contacts with Battlelords. One involved a door that stayed open only for a short amount of time which made it difficult to pump in many rockets before the door closed. The puzzles were rather standard and there was a bit of backtracking. When I reached the Nukebutton it didn't work - apparently the great builder behind the map never tested the map before unleashing it. But worry not - I fixed it for this release.

Conclusion: The last and maybe the least interesting part of the serie. It plays well apart from a few annoyances but the level ends up being very standard.

Rating: 87