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16th of December 2006

Aqua 2 | Single/DM | Author: Ben Roffelsen | Download 68Kb

Description: Another classic from the popular Aqua trilogy. The second part is the best, offering a bit of variety and well balanced action. The level takes place in some underwater facility with a "tritanium" mine.

Design: Like E3L6, Aqua2 circles around a subway rail. The first part, before the subway, is the worst with many cramped hallways and nasty close encounter combats. The tritanium mine has a good mix of underwater caves and some button pushing. I liked the way lighting effects were used inside the mine area, with red lighting and some cycler effects.

Gameplay: As said, the first part of the map is cramped (the first Aqua suffered from the same fate), making it rather annoying to fight. It gets much better once you get to the subway and I especially enjoyed the tritanium caves. Aqua 2 seems to be most consistent with the trilogy's name since the first and the third maps lacked underwater areas. The puzzles involve buttons and keys and a good amount of monsters. The level continues where Aqua left and proceeds to Aqua 3.

Conclusion: The best of the three (see Aqua & Aqua 3), Aqua 2 offers a bit more variety than the other two although this one also falls a bit short. The going gets way better after the first third of the map.

Rating: 88