The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

Apf | Single/DM | Author: Andrew Orman | Download 97kt

APF (Atmospheric Processing Facility) is a base on Venus. You start from a landing spot and behind you there's an alien ship shooting at you. Level is big and takes about 30mins to complete. It's quite like an adventure. Design is average. Well some places hasn't got any details and some places has (like 'Adg01' which was reviewed last week). Scale is huge so every sector is quite big. I liked some areas like Central Command with its moving sectors and monitors. Outside area in the end was good too and roof with those moving wind things. Textures are ok but for example one outside area has a floor texture with water dripping on it but there are no drops coming from the sky and no rain-sound. Distances are long that's why this map has a very nice train (I have always loved trains in Duke maps). Puzzles are good (take a look at the drill), shadows average, ammo/monster balance good, some sectors really nice (some really empty). Good map which you don't want to miss at any cost.


Rating: 87