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31st of May 2004

Anarchy City 3: Zero Tolerance | Single | Author: Aymeric Nocus | Download 143kt

Description: Third part in Aymeric's Anarchy City episode - and the most beautiful one. This time Aymeric has managed to avoid cramped areas which bothered his previous levels.

Design: Very much Roch inspired - although just darker. Buildings look very good with nice sprite/texture work all over them. Lots of little details. Cars are better than in Aymeric's previous levels. The park area looks very good and it even has a skateboard (although there's a big chance that you'll miss it).

Textures: The thing you'll either like or dislike is that organic red wall surrounding the level. It wasn't that bad although it could have been made abit more interesting and not just the same all around the level. Other than that textures are just fine - no weird sky textures this time.

Gameplay: Quite basic with a few confusing puzzles. It took me some time to find the switch for the blue key - couldn't find it on my own so I had to ask help - not a good thing. It was in a place you'd least expect to find it. Enemy/monster balance is pretty good - sometimes there's too much ammo. Pig Cops have some new abilities and Overlord has been turned into a miniboss (although it's not well used - there's a big chance you won't even meet the guy - I didn't during my first playthrough).

Innovations: A skateboard? There's also one cool scripted sequence in the end. Oh yeah - and that car.

Conclusion: Dark city level with lots of things to do - nothing else to complain except that cop car and that you can too easily avoid that Overlord guy. The level fixes most of the errors in Aymeric's previous levels but the mood is a bit down. Design beats the hell out of Anarchy City 2 but gameplay is not as good.

Rating: 92