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25th of April 2004

Anarchy City 2 : Neighborhood Nightmare | Single | Author: Aymeric Nocus | Download 98kt

Description: Anarchy City 2 is an action packed level which takes place in the middle of an alien infested silent suburp. The level is filled with darkness, Protector Drones, explosions & some interesting gameplay. It has been influenced by levels such as Red 3.

Design: Like 'Overtime' this one's also pretty cramped with stuff. Buildings are small, indoor areas filled with sprites & small details. 'Anarchy City 2' also shares the same problem with Overtime - cars look pretty simple - not even nearly 'Roch-quality'. Sure it'd be worse without them but still. There are some bushes which have too sharp edges - no curves at all. Also there's one wall leading to the back of the pool club which looks horrible - it's all flat, undetailed and goes way too far - It's as if the author had forgotten all about that particular long wall. Spritework is mostly excellent. The level is pretty dark which is a bit annoying since you can't play it daytime that well.

Textures: One thing which'll strike your eyes is that red 'carpet' covering the streets. Don't know how the author decided to pick that particular odd texture as a street texture but it sure doesn't look that good. The rest of the texturing is mostly good.

Gameplay: Now this one's pretty non-mainstream with its gameplay. The idea is that at first the streets are empty - there's no one there. But as you proceed & find new locations the enemies will spawn mostly appearing from houses that explode. The idea is pretty good & fresh. It's the same with puzzles which could be a bit more logical. But the thing is that you find a new sector, you step on it and bang - a wall explodes which will lead you to a bunch of new locations. The level is filled with Protector Drones (who appear in small hallways) & Battlelords so some of the combats are pretty tough. There could be more health - there's enough ammo but not too much so forget funny-shooting. One thing to complain are explosions in tight hallways which tend to harm you in any case. Not hard really but a bit more challenging than a normal usermap.

Innovations: The gameplay idea seems to be pretty fresh and Nocus has his own style - other than that it's pretty basic. ANd I'm not giving any innovation points for that red carpet;)

Conclusion: Quite well designed level with an interesting gameplay & some good stuff. Comes with a new killer midi by NOFX.

Rating: 90