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9th of August 2004

Anarchy City | Single/DM | Author: Aymeric - MRCK - Nocus | Download 660kt

Description: The first part in MRCK's Anarchy City serie (check the second & third part as well). Pretty big city (or rather some quiet neighborhood) level with numerous locations.

Design: This one's from the age when MRCK still made his indoor areas in a very small scale. Indoor areas are extremely tight - there's hardly any room to maneuver - doors get in to your way easily etc. There are also some small bugs around the level and some missing light sources. I still don't get that 'red carpet texture covering the streets' thing. The first few backyards look pretty cool with some cool looking spritework and small houses. The sewer area brought some nice variety.

Textures: Texturing is pretty rich - especially while looking at it from the streets. Indoor texturing could be a bit richer & more trimmed but it's still above average. There were a few the kind of choices I didn't like at all or didn't mix well with the style. And that red carpet texture just isn't my thing.

Gameplay: Very unlinear. Many of the places exist just to offer you some ammunitions, weapons & health. Once you find the blue key it's pretty obvious from that on. There are quite a lot of monsters - might feel a bit tough in the beginning with all those piggies running around. Some of the explosions have a pretty bad timing - they explode so that you'll get damage which got annoying since there really isn't that much room to move. And some people just can't spot those damn manholes (me being obviously one of them).

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Quite big, unlinear & at times quite challenging city level with a bunch of annoying issues. Comes with a pretty good midi.

Rating: 87