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6th of September 2004

Invasion of Aliran | Single | Author: Matt da Mann | Download 66kt

Description: This level was submitted years ago but never got released. So consider this to be another 'out of the grave' level. It's an alien/organic type level with good gameplay & decent design.

Design: Although none of the rooms are empty the level still could use more details. Now some areas do look pretty good while others feel a bit unfinished. Also organic levels should be less 'boxy' and more 'curvy'. Shadows exist but they won't catch your attention. So - although the design is not bad there's still room for development.

Textures: The level's pretty gray - instead of standard green hive textures this one takes advantage of their gray/brown counterparts from Atomic Edition. Add that cloudy Atomic sky to it and you'll have quite brown level. I like the way hi-tech has been mixed with organic hive textures. Trimwork exists but could be better.

Gameplay: Typical puzzles with a bunch of buttons & keys. Not hard at all - sometimes you have to deal with a bunch of Pig Cop Tanks but luckily these baddies are mostly encountered on open areas. The only 'difficulty' I experienced were those meetings with Protector Drones in tight spaces. There's enough health & ammo. Fun level!

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Fun & decent looking level.

Rating: 85