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28th of November 2008

Zykov Eddy's Aliens TC Demo | Single | Author: Zykov Eddy | Download 5.2Mb

Description: Remember Aliens vs Duke from less than a year ago? Eddy's Aliens demo is not much different but then again, almost all Alien maps recycle the same LV426 theme. Anyways, this is a one-map (there are two actually but the first one is just an intro) demo with tons of "new" stuff.

Review: Zykov's Aliens is a fun fifteen-minute ride with the usual set of Alien elements. You won't be surprised by its weapons, textures, enemies or sounds but all in all, it works quite well. Aliens is a fun, exciting theme and Zykov has used all the usual ingredients to make it work. You get the spooky motion sensor and several scripted sequences (the intro is particularly cool) and there's a good build up before the action starts. The level looks quite good although unsurprising. I'd have worked more on outdoor locations (which now look a bit basic and dull) and borrowed the rain effect from DukePlus. Aliens are pretty basic and you get to use some turrets against them. Facehuggers were a slight disappointment since they're slow and act differently from the standard type (some may consider this a good quality, such as those cowards who avoid playing Alien themed games due to Facehuggers). The level is wrapped up nicely with a refreshing action stint.

Conclusion: Another Alien mod with all the usual stuff but it's all good.

Rating: 93