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Aliens 2 | Single | Author: Fallout | Download 457kt

Once again a new Alien style map hits MSDN. This time the author is Fallout who also did the another Aliens map (available in Maps section) which wasn't as good as this is. I agree that the first hallway in this map looks empty and bad but design gets better. Lightning is very good and cycler effects are well used to bring more feeling for the map. But there are still some rooms which should have been darker. 'Aliens' theme is very well used. You will recognize many places from the movies and other alien maps. Action sequences are very well made and you really have to run in the end of the map. Map is difficult so you'll die few times but it definitely isn't impossible - try to find that damn shotgun because I didn't so I had to escape from aliens few times. Anyway 'Aliens2' is a good map with couple well designed sectors, good lightning and atmosphere.


Rating: 87