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14th of December 2003

AlexCity 1: Bank Heist | Single | Author: Alex Pistol | Download 116Kt

Description: This one's Alex's first release (although he did participate in two CBP projects) and I'm glad to say that it's a good one. 'AlexCity' is obviously a city - with pretty typical locations.

Design: The level has two highlights - lightning & spritework. Alex has been very careful with shadows - they're very realistic and they're present wherever they should be (although the sewer is way too bright). Street lamps, fires & other light sources emit the kind of light they should. The level is filled with spritework - a part of them are so tiny that you won't even see them. Chairs, balconies & such are very impressive work. If I had to complain about something it'd be the sky - Surely a star sky is a perfect choice but it seems to be a bit misaligned or something since if you take a look at the star sky in E1L3 you'll notice the difference. Transparent water is sweet as always.

Textures: Nothing outstanding. The level has pretty original style and it's pretty colorful. My only complaint goes for the stretched sky.

Gameplay: Gameplay is mostly well balanced but there were a few parts which got to me. The keycode for the safe was too well hidden and there was one combination of two buttons of which the second one was too well hidden. Also the button puzzles were quite unlogical - a button in a bar opens a door to Arcade etc. The ending is pretty easy once you find a safe location to fight with the Battlelord. The gameplay has been spiced by adding some 'living environment' to the level - moving vehicles which patrol near the gameplay area.

Innovations: Excluding the impressive spritework there aren't much new innovations. The way you destroy your way to the bank has been used before but this time it comes with a moving flame - a nice little addition.

Conclusion: A good city level with some cool innovations - mostly concerning spritework - and a few tough places.

Rating: 92