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30th of May 2005

Airport West | Single/DM | Author: Rob McCall | Download 108kt

Description: Believe it or not but this level has been under construction ever since -99! Luckily it was not forgotten but in fact it's now out and the author is stating in the readme that a sequel is coming - hopefully before 2010. "Airport West" is a mix of city, sewer and airport theme.

Design: Design comes with mixed results. There's a bunch of problems with textures (read below) and some of the details look kinda hurried. However none of the areas are too empty and there's usually something drawing your attention. Lightning has its moments but there were lit locations which lacked light sources. There's also this one location down in the sewer near the "reactor" where sounds are buggy. The last outdoor area needs a lot more details.

Textures: Now here's where the level fails mostly. There are quite many misaligned textures and texture number zero has been used which should never be done. Even if it'd fit in theory (since it's a brick wall after all) it still looks awful in practice. Trimwork could also be a lot better - it'd definitely save a lot.

Gameplay: Gameplay is pretty good. Long underwater parts are always my favorites (when not overdone) and this one uses water pretty well. There are many cracks on the walls and some neat explosions. I like it how one crack near the end reveals the start area. However there's one thing near the end which I didn't like - the awful multiswitch puzzle. Eight buttons and only one right combination - no one likes these puzzles - not if the number of buttons exceeds four. To get help with this check the readme for hints (11th of June 2005 - the level was updated with small adjustments making the puzzle a tad more obvious - one more point for that)

Innovations: -

Conclusion: If you forget the awful multiswitch puzzle the level is well worth your time. The design is also at least average at all times - assuming you forget the buggy texturing.

Rating: 86