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28th of June 2005

Afterglow: A New World Rising | Single | Author: Frode 'Puritan' Waksvik | Download 4.7Mb

Description: You could say that this is so far the largest Duke map - but then I'd be forced to say that you have never played Billy Boy's maps. But anyways - in terms of sectors it surely is the largest. Tons of locations, about one hour of gameplay and pretty well balanced action in a city. Jonof required.

Design: Design varies - it never really looks bad but not that good either. There are more sprites than there are real details and sometimes light sources are missing. Nothing really stands out. There's some decent spritework and the level has been mostly lit the way it should. The buildings look pretty okay and there are no invisible barries blocking your way.

Textures: Like the design - nothing outstanding but a nice amount of variations and styles. Trimwork is decent, could be a lot better but it works - there are very little misaligned textures for a level of this size.

Gameplay: A level of this size will surely get everyone a bit confused. Take the note (from readme) to follow the viewscreens literally and you won't get confused. Finding the first key was the toughest thing the level had to offer - from then on it was a piece of cake. Monster/ammo balance is pretty good although I didn't bother myself with the new minibosses (and what's the point of making good old Battlelords tougher?) - I just ran to the hills. Dukesounds have been a bit overused. There are many "new" ones that feel fresh but not when they're heard in every another room.

Innovations: Nothing comes to my mind - seems to borrow very little from other maps. Has its own style and way of doing things.

Conclusion: Make sure you're not in a hurry when playing the level - it might take a while. It's mostly very enjoyable with well balanced gameplay and decent design.

Rating: 90