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Adg04 | Single | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 80kt

Inside few months argentinian Alejandro Glavic has gotten his name in the same serie with other great mappers. His 'adg' serie grows all the time and design gets better and better. Worst problem in his fourth map is its similarity to his previous maps. Darkness gets boring. 'Adg03' was dark industrial level - this one is too dark and industrial. Other than that the map is great. Design is detailed, well textured, darkness allows great shadows and monster/ammo thing is perfect like before. 04 Reminds me a lot of Maarten Pinxten's old maps and trees in this map are the same origin with those trees that Maarten used in 'MpResort' and they do look good. Excellent map but I think that bright sky would have given this map a better look and feel:)


Rating: 93