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Adg03 | Single | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 71kt

Alejandro Glavic's new map is quite perfect. It is amazing how fast this guy has developed since Adg01 (which was released only a few weeks ago). 'Adg03' is sweet. Design is very detailed and has been influenced by Bob Averill's levels. That gray industrial texture number 442 is also used a lot (this texture was also founded by Bob) and it looks great (442 always looks great). Level is very dark so it does good shadows. Especially the use of spotlights is great. Textures are all black or gray and well picked. Level also uses some nice spritework. Clearwater is always nice to see (this is also founded by Bob). Best part of the map is on the yard which must be the best outside area ever in Duke (nice shadows, buildings and vehicles). Gameplay feel is also great but you'll only find shotgun and some pipebombs - but it really doesn't matter.


Rating: 94