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Adg02 | Single | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 85kt

We have a new talent. Alejandro Glavic who made 'Adg01' is back with more. 'Adg02' follows 01's storyline and theme. Once again we travel through city and a subway. Alejandro has improved his skills a lot since 01. The same touch exists but now there are a lot more details, great textures, clean design (no bugs) and excellent shadows. Finding keys isn't so hard or easy to find - this is great stuff - gameplay (ammos/enemies, puzzles) is excellent. Design reminds me of Maarten Pinxten's older levels (like 'MpWeapon'). Take a look at the buildings outside - or the lights - they are just great. Even the size of the level is great (medium). I really can't find anything negative from this map. I hope there will be 'Adg03'.


Rating: 91