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28th of June 2004

Alien 4: Resurrection | Single | Author: Devastator | Download 286kt

Description: One of the few Duke3D levels which are based on 'Alien: Resurrection' (Alien 4 if you wish) film (without a doubt the poorest one of the serie). Devastator is known for his complex levels where you usually get stuck more than once - this time he has succeeded in creating something which flows better and has some interesting stuff for those who're into Alien-merchandise.

Design: Picking movie-references is one of the top entertainment values in levels like this. 'Alien 4' is based totally on the movie so that you could say that every area can be found from the movie as well. Design is very good - hallways look very good although there were a few areas which could use more details & some finishing touches. I also missed some mood - in levels like this it's important to create the kind of atmosphere you haven't encountered in typical Duke3D levels - that's why it's disappointing that the hallways have very little lightning effects - such as cyclers & flicking lights (Alien movies are full of them) & ambient sounds (only one alarm sound which gets quite annoying after a bit). There are also lots of invisible walls which was, is and will always be a typical design FLAW. Anyways enjoy the level's locations as much as you can - I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing the Queen's nest & the water filled area which is very cool looking with floating stuff & all.

Textures: This one has a few new ones plus a bunch of textures from Atomic. The hallways are well textured & decorated with a few good metal mixes. The first part of the alien hive could however use a bit richer texturing/design.

Gameplay: Game.con file has been hacked so that the Aliens (Protector Drones) are deadlier than they used to be - one bite in front of you will be the end of your road - plus these new hacks allow Aliens to spit acid (instead of 'grow sparks'). Puzzles are mostly fun because they're more or less based on the film. But I got stuck once and didn't find out what to do before I used the 2-d map. Fun, not too tough but you'll get stuck once.

Innovations: Feels incredibly fresh - exactly how many A4 based levels have we played? None? The innovations are right there and from the movie - you'll love them.

Conclusion: Well designed with a bunch of cool scenes and great texturing but lacks a bit of ambience thanks to missing light-related effects & sounds.

Rating: 92