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22nd of August 2003

Bizarre | Single | Author: Bob Masters | Download 270kt

Level: This must be the most interesting Duke level ever. '2Bizarre' is actually an old level from -99 but now it's finally time to give it the kind of treatment it deserves. '2Bizarre' is full of new inventions, bizarre design, new textures and great gameplay (over 30minutes and numerous locations). You just have too see it for yourself. You start your journey from a desert near the Area 51. You find a portal which takes you to some another world (which is of course overrun by aliens). There are no new con effects - Author has used existing Duke effects to create nice new effects & ideas and mixed everything brilliantly into one great level. There are strange colors, strange messages, monster footprints, upsidedown locations, views to your future, strange corridors, well used sector-over-sector effects and tons of other ideas. Gameplay is good. I just loved to play this one. There isn't anything frustrating or difficult. You will love to explore every possible area and admire its beauty.

"This level breaks all the rules!" - Bob Masters

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Rating: 97