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2121 A.D. | Single | Author: Bob Masters | Download 219kt

Bob Masters has created some of the most unique levels ever (make sure that you have 2Bizarre & Asylum). 2121 A.D. follows the same unique style. Place is Los Angeles and year is 2121. This huge city level has tons of never before seen stuff (and I'm not talking only about new effects here - this map also has some inredible looking new design). New effects includes: digital clock (that actually works - you can take a look at it when you want to know how much time has passed since you started this level), popcorn machine, pickable card (similar to the one that Bob Averill created - but uses different method), flying people (looks so amazing - cars has been replaced with jetpacks, moving sidewalks etc.), hallucinogenic gas (acted a bit strange to me), 'crane droids' & some more. Buildings looks fantastic. They are huge and full of futuristic design. People fly from one building to another with those 'jetpack tubes'. It looks so fantastic once you get on the top of this one building. Streets are full of people. These 'people' are just normal Dukes & women sprites that doesn't move. They still manage to give you a feel that you actually are in a city filled with people. Something about locations: Movie theatre is quite small place with three cinema rooms - unfortunately only one of them is open - there's a duke on the screen with explosions and music. Just so cool. Movie theatre also has some of those new effects like pickable card & popcorn machine. Bank is another nice location with great looking money production lines & security system. Hospital section has some of that hallucinogenic gas thing. Level also has other locations like Visitor's Center & TV studio where Duke is on his way to give an interview at The Tomorrow Morning Show. Run '2121ad.bat' file to launch the level - if you experience problems (like I did) then unzip 2121 A.D. to a clean Duke directory.

Rating: 98

2121 A.D.