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29th of December 2017

20 Sector Challenge CBP | Single | Author: Lazy mappers | Download

The Review: The 20-sector Community Build Project somehow managed to be in development for seven years despite its simple concept: each participant was limited to 20 sectors per turn, but he could take any number of turns, preferably after another person had been allowed to chime in with his contribution. Of course, to get things close to a finished state the rule had to be relaxed a little bit over the years, allowing essentially one or two mappers to turn the map into a more coherent whole.
Thematically the map is a bit hard to define; it's a mix of medieval, industrial and urban, and fittingly for the season the map's outdoors are covered in snow. Overall the map is nowhere near as inconsistent in its design as one might expect; the shifts between the sections are not abrupt and even the detailing remains somewhat consistent throughout. The map benefits quite a lot from its consistent color theme, being mostly a mix of brown and grey textures. The map also includes a whole bunch of what is known as "Build porn" these days, i.e., neat little "Build" tricks done without any help from custom code, tricks that manage to baffle even experienced Duke3D mappers.
Gameplay is fairly even with a good selection of weapons and monsters, and the map's main puzzle, that of finding several runes scattered across the map, can be finished in a nonlinear fashion. A central puzzle involving a rechargeable cannon makes great use of the aforementioned "Build porn".

Conclusion: After seven years of passing the map back and forth between various mappers, things could have gone bad easily, but the 20-sector CBP has come out as a consistent, satisfying whole, spiced up by a whole bunch of neat effects and enjoyable gameplay.

Rating: 93

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