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The Secret Base (007) | Single/DM | Author: Kevin Cools (Kef Nukem) | Download 58kt

Once again a 'Duke Is 007 TC' map. I have tryed many of them and they all are good. Too bad that the TC never got released - luckily some of the maps were released - like this. It's a snowbase with lots of James Bond theme - hi-tech buildings, trucks, helicopters, etc. Design is very good and simple. It lacks in detailing sometimes but good texturing and still very neat looking sectors are enough to fix that problem. The best point in this map is the amount of fun. Gameplay feel is perfect - puzzles are great (I got stucked but not for too long time) and balance between ammos & enemies is great. I just love playing this map (I have played it at least six times). So good design, theme, lightning, structure and awesome gameplay - get it.

The Secret Base

Rating: 92