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Uboot | DM | Author: Andreas Kleinschmidt | download 66kt

Uboot is a recreation of a submarine. Design is ok with some nice submarine rooms and tight corridors. Submarine looks even better once you get out of it. But as a dukematch level it doesn't work (at least against bots). There are no other weapons than pistol. Or there is somewhere but I couldn't find any other guns. Level also has locations which are hard to reach. I couldn't find a way to a lower floor of the submarine (neither could bots). There is also another submarine which can't be reached easily or by bots. There's also this strange desert area with some hallways under the sand but I couldn't find a way to that sector (possibly not even a part of the level). So as a recreation of a nuclear submarine - the levels is nice. As a dukematch level - it doesn't work. By the way: author spent two years making this level. Give it a try.
31.5.2002: New version. I found some ways to enter lower levels of the submarine and I even found a way to weapons room (there's only one place in this level to find guns). It was nice to explore the lower level but these changes doesn't affect gameplay. Bots still can't get below (I actually saw one bot on the lower level). One point more to old score. Download new version here.
14.11.2002: Some graphical updates. New version & info can be found here:

Rating: 83