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Survival Shot | DM | Author: Reginukem | download 12Kb

What we have here is a big yard with a house in the middle of it. Size is small/medium and it works best for 1-on-1 botplay. Design is quite good. Level is surrounded by some weird structures which look quite good and original. There are some broken stuff on the outside like cars. The building itself uses only one texture - it fits but the building could use some more trimwork. Invisible walls should have been replaced with fences but it's not that bad this time - there's still quite high wall surrounding the level. There are some shadows but they're quite weak. A bit darker shadows could have been better. I found the botplay very enjoyable as one-on-one game. Weapon placement is perfect. Pipebombs can be used on the yard, Tripbombs & Freezer in the house and other weapons almost everywhere. Health is well placed - there are small medkits, Portable Medkits & Atomic Healths. One of the best dukematch usermaps.

Survival Shot
Rating: 91