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DN3D - Stadium 2 | DM/Single | Author: Miles the Fox | download 30Kb

This one's pretty much like 'LVStadium' - except with a bit better design. There's one huge stadium and a street area surrounding it. It's for both dukematch & single-player (boss-fight with the big bad Emperor - pretty much like the one in original Duke3D). The stadium area is well designed although there isn't anything outstanding. In single-player this one's fun for about two minutes (gather the guns and kill the bitch). Street areas are mainly for Dukematch. Dukematch is ok-quality. There are no dominating weapons (except the usual ones) or locations. Bots respawn in the street area as well. Streets could use a few more ways to get back up - now there's just one.

DN3D - Stadium 2
Rating: 55