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Seven | Dukematch/Single | Author: Taivo Maripuu | download 31kt

'Seven' is a small street level with two indoor locations & one big street. Name comes from that Taivo gave every texture palette color 7. That's why everything is dark/brown/yellow (from textures to sprites). Design is pretty good and detailed but because of palette you won't get that much out of it. Bots play quite well but you'll rarely meet any of them within the SPCH place. On the streets you'll mostly use pistol which gets annoying - shotgun or chaingun could have worked better. Freezer should have been placed indoors because it's quite hard to use on the streets. Energy placement is good with one medkit & atomic health. Fun for a while and it looks good but it could have been better. Has some monsters for single-player but no ending.

Rating: 85