The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

Hell Awaits | DM/SP | Author: Merlijn v. Oostrum | download 158Kb

We Store Your Crap facility somewhere in the middle of nowhere. This island base is pretty damn well designed. Details are everywhere, spritework shines (not much but it does), texturing is rich (as always in 'The Oostrum Company' levels) and things die. Botgame works fine due to small & tight corridors & halls. The only area where battle seems to be a bit frustrating is the outside area which is just too big for bot purpose (and these days you can't play online). Weapons are well placed. Pipe Bombs are very effective within the facility and with Freezer you can make some nice kills. Trip Bombs could have been placed a bit better because they simply rock in levels like this. There were some nice outdoor sceneries and mountains looked pretty convincing. There were also some nasty explosions to spice things up. Single-player support includes lots of Commanders but no exit.

Hell Awaits
Rating: 91