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Eye of the Storm | Dukematch/SP | Author: Aaro Ruohonen | download 15kt

Eye of the Storm is a smallish level for both Dukematch & single-player. Streets and indoor areas are pretty good looking although there are some problems with texture alignment (building windows in the beginning for example) and shadows (could be darker). With more than one opponent the level works pretty well - especially in outdoor areas. Indoor areas tend to be too tight for any kind of activity. One door can be opened only with a button which might be a bit difficult in the middle of all that fighting (especially if someone's waiting for you behind the door). There are some Tripbombs which you can use to make some nasty traps. Single-player game includes some monsters and an ending (either a nukebutton or a boss). Boss fight is a bit tough because of the low number of rocket weapons and the combat area is a bit tight.

Eye of the Storm
Rating: 85