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2 Towers | DM | Author: Devastator | download 11kt

'2 Towers' is a re-creation of a Unreal Tournament CTF level 'Face'. Now this is the first problem with this level. Original 'Face' level is a CTF level so it's made for two teams. '2 Towers' is a dukematch level with two bases. Design is lame. There are no details. Textures are also very lame and bases are colored by changing the whole palette for each tower (blue & red) which really isn't a good way to tell which base is for which color. Shadows are quite good on the outside but they miss inside. Towers shoot missiles if you press some buttons but their strategic advantages are non-existant. Also bots keep falling off the game area all the time to the depths of space which makes gameplay also non-existant.

2 Towers
Rating: 40