The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

October 29, 1999: Hotmaps

Two new hotmaps. Maia from Children & Ray Tracer and City At Night from Vedran Jelenic.

October 25, 1999: News

Reviewed Half-life level. If you want to know how to do working ladders or transparent
water effect then take a look at this map. Bob Averill is the guy who made transparent
water for Duke without making any changes in to Con files.

Some of my maps are now reviewed at Duke Map Central. Right now they have reviewed
Mssp1 and LV426 and more to be come soon:)

October 23, 1999: Return of Duke sites

Some of the latest Duke sites which haven't been online for a long time had now returned.
Duke map central also known as DMC has moved to Dukeworld at the URL http://www. dmc/ . Total has moved to its new host but the URL is the same as before. DukeRTCM at has also moved back online. Welcome back guys:)

Website of Critical Mass TC has completely redesigned. Right now i'm working on my second
CM map.

Hotmaps section has it's completely new design. It's much more easier to use. You can see
which version map uses, ratings, info and all other things more easier and you don't have
to wait for the load of the pictures.

Removed some of the Duke sites from the links section which have not been updating for a
while or not active anymore. I want to keep all links which are still active on the links

Many famous personal Duke sites like Bob's single player site are linking to MSDN
now. I want to thank for all Dukers who have been linking to this site. If you don't have
a link to MSDN and want to make a link exchange don't hesitate to email me. If you want a
small logo to link here catch another picture of these:)

October 20, 1999: News

I redesigned all the logos on this site as you can see and modified site looking
a bit!

I usually don't add any TCs or Demos here but one guy sent me a good demo of his
coming Total Conversion and because the files was quite small i added it here!
Catch it from Hotmaps section! Demo contains two levels, new arts and two music

And DMC (duke map central) has moved to its new host at Dukeworld!

October 13, 1999: New maps

Two new single player maps received. Go and catch Alleys from MAPS section and Flood
from Hotmaps section.

Added build section in section Duke Nukem. Check it out.

New screenshots from Millennium Total Conversion. Go and check the pictures at Dukeworld.

October 9, 1999: Millennium Total Conversion

My Total Conversion site is finally officially at Dukeworld. Check it out from the The TC needs some Dukematch mappers
, so if you are interested please E-mail me with your best work!

October 7, 1999: Duke Nukem

Another rainy week. That also means that the winter is coming.

Finally section Duke Nukem is up. Take your time and look around.

I also completed my first Critical Mass map. The Leader liked it. Thanks

South Park starts today at 23.10 night. Everybody says this is something and today is
time to see it.

October 1, 1999: Duke Nukem

It has been rained for about one week in here Finland so I decided to make a little
bigger update because there's not much to do outside in the rain so I have been wat-
ching X-Files sixth season from the TV and played Final Fantasy VII (best game ever)!

Yeap, best Duke map of all time "Hell Station" reviewed and available for download.
To download choose section HOTMAPS, to read review choose section Map Reviews!

Reviewed Starship Troopers TC demo! Choose section TC Reviews!

To tell something about other PC games of mine I bought Quake Mission Pack NO.2
from the store week ago and I have to say it was cool! Even it's old, play it!

To tell something about my Duke journey in the past years I'm working on new
section "Duke Nukem"! It will be up with next update so keep your eyes open.
There's all you need to know about Duke, example: V1.4 & V1.5 info, Top
Duke links, Four years of Duke and lot more!

September 25, 1999: Critical Mass

Yeah. I'm a member of Critical Mass TC team! Right now I'm making Clamourmatch maps
(dukematch) for CM.

MSDM4 released. This is the map that I used to show my map skills for CM team! This map
rocks so go and crap your own from DMmaps section!

Added Bobafett in section HOTMAPS. Bobafett reviewed in section Map reviews!

I added Dukehive map author's name to the HOTMAPS section! Thanks for Dukebert!

September 20, 1999: News

I visited Starship Troopers TC site just couple minutes ago. SST team posted again
some new screenshots from the game. I'm really waiting for this one.

Lucky day. I finished my first quake level. Don't worry, Duke is still number one.
I used Qoole editor to create this small level.

New map added to Hotmaps section. Check it out!

MSDM4 will be finished in couple days.

September 15, 1999: Changes

Updated website a bit more.
Here are some of the changes:

  • New main site and text
  • Removed old news and
  • Added section for them
  • Added ratings for maps section
  • New design for links section
  • Some changes for section TC reviews

    New background music.

    "When scum returns" TC released at dukeworld. I haven't tryed it yet but soon.

    Also added some shots from my newest level "MSDM4".

    September 10, 1999: News

    I have done some new things for links. They have much more style now. I also
    added some Quake links because Quake (or Quake2) is also one of my favorite
    games todate.

    Again i'm working on new DM map. I'm doing DM maps because they are fun
    and fast to do. I will post some screenshots of the level with next update.

    I need some DMmaps so if you have one send it to me and it will be on this

    I have planned to do new design for all of this sites map sections (hotmaps,
    DMmaps, maps). If you have any comments or ideas send me some Email .

    September 5, 1999: Kane is back

    Finally it's here! C&C Tiberian Sun was released couple days ago here in Finland.
    It means I don't have much time for Duke before C&C is finished. I'm still trying
    to update this site once or twice in a week!

    My Duke TC sites will be soon open for public at Dukeworld. Keep your eyes
    open for it.

    One new Dukematch map (Equake2) in section DMmaps.

    Right now i'm currently unable to SEND emails so if you have to send mail for
    me you have to wait until my mail is fixed.