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25th of September 2010

Duke 6:8 | Single | Author: Scott "Forge" L. | Download

Description: The third map in Forge's ongoing series, Duke 6:8 picks up where Duke 23:4 left. Duke must find his way through a dam in order to exact vengeance on his treacherous EDF buddies.

Into it: Once again Forge treats us with authentic locations. This time the location is a dam although judging by the way it looks inside, it could be anything if not for the submerged sectors. This is perhaps the level's biggest problem. The hi-tech segment is a bit too generic compared to the more exotic and interesting locations of Duke 23:4. Nevertheless, design is top-notch from complex spritework that gives the map a real 3D look, to the tiniest of details. And if the indoor segment was a bit of a letdown the outdoor area really pays off with its size and awe-inspiring visuals. The level also takes advantage of the effectiveness of letting the player get a taste of fresh air after having spent a long time indoors. Indoor areas that stand out are the underwater segments (always exciting, la E1L4) and the hub area, a huge hall with incredible spritework.

Gameplay is pretty standard with a good item/monster ratio, including some good firefights near the end. Exploration is rewarded and the level's layout is not too confusing. You'll return to the hub area a couple of times and at first it might seem like there are many routes to choose from but you're given enough hints to prevent too much of aimless wandering. In terms of filesize, the level is among the biggest, weighing exactly 1mb. Expect to spend around 25-30 minutes with the map.

Conclusion: In my review of Duke 23:4, I complimented Forge's attention to details and his ability to craft authentic locations. These aspects are as strong as ever in Duke 6:8 but the map was a slight letdown after its predecessor which felt more varied in the visual department. Still, Duke 6:8 is an excellent map.

Rating: 95

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