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This is a preview section for upcoming levels. If you wish to have your level announced here it has to meet these three requirements: 1) It must be single-player 2) You have to have a screenshot 3) You must take your project seriously enough so that you won't abandon the project the day after a preview has been posted. Previews are removed as projects get released but abandoned projects and projects whose status is unknown are just moved to the bottom of the list.

Screenshots shown here might or might not be from the final products.

4 November, 2020: Apart from the latest addition, Blast Radius, this section has been inactive for years and has mostly been preserved as an archive for the sake of curiosity. You may still request to have your project featured here.

Project Name: Shaky Grounds | Author: Merlijn van Oostrum

"The Shaky Grounds episode will feature the 3 maps that already have been released, plus a 4th map and a boss map to finish the story. No new art, enemies or code, just vanilla Duke and a set of big, epic maps for you to explore and conquer. There will be a custom soundtrack, an actual mission/story, a variety of locations, big set pieces and a clear sense of progression from map to map." See parts 1, 2 and 3 as you wait for the epic conclusion to the episode.

Release Date: Unknown

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Project Name: Blast Radius | Author: MRCK

In the author's own words: "Blast Radius is a wee something-on-the-way that aims at capturing that original Duke Nukem 3D feel and then spamming the Expander on it; taking notes from the classic game's tone and gameplay, the goal is to pair up historic Build level design tradition with over twenty years of user map experimentation in aesthetics and scope, inflating the experience we all know and love - all the while relying on nothing but the base texture set, thereby ensuring a certain spiritual fidelity. As of November 2020, three of the maps have been completed over the span of the past year-and-a-half and the next one is on the way; that being just a quarter of the expected final content, though, let's all wish for a release before Duke runs out of gum again." You can follow the episode's progress at

Release Date: Unknown

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Project Name: HellDuke TC | Author: XTHX2

HellDuke TC is basically a Doom TC but instead of remaking Doom it instead merely borrows the Doom environment. The full version will have six episodes, tons of new stuff including weapons and enemies, new gameplay enhancements (including a score system) and a storyline that connects HellDuke to the world of Doom games. First few levels of the TC are out as we speak. Topics with download links and info available here and here. Gameplay video available here.

Release Date: Being constantly updated. See links above

Project Name: Hidden Labs | Author: Mika Korpela

An upcoming level from a Finnish mapper, Hidden Labs will include new art and maybe a new mp3 track. I took a look at a very early version of the level and it seemed to be an Earth-based level with caves and some neat looking hallways inside what appears to be an apartment building.

Release Date: Unknown

Project Name: Imperium | Author: Gee, KaiseR, Numan, The Oostrums, DeeperThought

A seven-map episode by some of the finest mappers in the community. Each of the mappers is working on his own map and, in addition, on a CBP-style map for the project. "Imperium" takes advantage of hires graphics and Duke's expanded limits. DeeperThought works on the mod's code. Topic at AMC.

Release Date: 2010

Project Name: Duke Nukem 64: Resurgence | Author: Fox

Nintendo 64 got its own version of Duke3D. The levels were pretty much the same but the weapons were new and the monsters went through some small changes. "Duke 64" mod intends to bring this Nintendo experience from 1997 to yer PC. Website.

Release Date: 2010

Project Name: Epic Journey | Author: John McLean

John plans to make this the "absolute longest map for duke you will 'ever' play." Well, I for one can't wait. The level draws inspiration from an Oblivion TC map where Duke-fossa travelled on a minimap from one location to another. The level will feature a variety of gameplay and design themes.

Release Date: Unknown

Project Name: "Mansion" | Author: Quakis

A mansion map from the guy who often starts but rarely finishes: "Set in a mansion with some outside areas that will contain some RE-ish gameplay and gags but isn't any sort of remake. New art, codes and sound."

Release Date: Unknown

Project Name: Hellshock (Ultra3D) | Author: UltraSoft

"Hellshock" has been under development for seven years. The Community only recently received a note that it's still in development. "Ultra 3D" will include a bunch of new features but is not going to require any recent ports such as Jonof or EDuke. So far, things are looking good and "bullis1" (I hate aliases) recently released a bunch of new screenshots. Check progress at AMC forums.

Release Date: -

Project Name: Facility | Author: Necro 47

"You are air-dropped to an island several miles off the coast of Denmark, with orders to investigate a strange energy surge in the area. Upon landing you notice that the island is incredibly small and start rummaging through your drop crate for the radio when you notice trace gasses coming from a mound of rock on one end of the island. Further investigation reveals a small cave, with a hastily constructed and weak wall in the back. Taking out some explosives you prepare to blow the wall and get to the bottom of the energy surge."
The level, an underwater lab, draws some of its inspiration from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. AMC topic.

Release Date: Unknown

Project Name: A Space Tragity | Author: Michael E. Matthews

"Many years in the future mankind has established a foothold in space. However, we seem to be one of many out there. Some are not peaceful and considering how valuable our planet is we establish a new branch of military known as "Earth Defense Forces". E.D.F. uses Earth's Moon as a platform to develop military bases and launching platforms in an attempt to protect Earth from unwelcome visitors.
You arrive in your transport at E.D.F. after recieving a distress call from the Moon. Upon your arrival you witness death everywhere. You didnt make it in time to save lives here, but the aliens found a way onto Earth's Moon somehow and its up to you to find their entry point. However make no mistakes as the aliens have expected the arrivial of backup teams. With time enough to establish their own stronghold on the moon expect this to be a dangerous environment." (includes new art, new sounds and requires EDuke to run)

Release Date: -

Project Name: Moonbase Regula 1 | Author: Supertanker & Geoffrey (Fakir)

"Regula 1" is a moonbase map being worked on by both Supertanker and Geoffrey. The construction has already gone above 1024 sectors (Jonof required!) and the map should be released before spring 2006. Check progress at AMC forums

Release Date: Currently not under construction

Project Name: Survival TC | Author: James Stanfield & Team

"Survival is a more adventurous game inspired by the likes of Unreal - you must explore the planet and find out what happened to Earth, and a way off of this rock if it's possible.
Survival will be a full game with around 20 - 30 'levels' (Although transition between each will be rather seamless) using Eduke32 and using hitile only." Forum at AMC, Survival Gameplay Video here.

Release Date: On hold

Project Name: The Christmas Project 2 | Author: Rusty Nails, Mblackwell

TCP2 is almost a brand new game made with Duke's engine. Thanks to Eduke32 many new features have been implemented. "You'll play as a United States soldier who is sent with a couple of squads to northeast Russia to investigate the terrorist activity going on there. But as you dig deeper into their base you will gradually find out that this is no ordinary terrorist organization as they are experimenting with aliens and dealing with a top-secret military research base in New Mexico of which calls themselves Black Mesa." First TCP available here. Topic at AMC

Release Date: Unknown

Project Name: Bofu1: Terminal Velocity | Author: Bofu

"This will be Bofu's first publicly released map, though he has been playing user maps for many years. It takes place in a spaceport where the EDF has been sent to eliminate the alien invaders, who have taken the place over and set up a perimeter. Obviously, the EDF task force has failed, and it's now Duke's turn. Features include new CON and ART, including rocket-launching turrets, gibbable EDF corpses, and more."

Release Date: Unknown

Project Name: FbSp003 | Author: Fakir

"The theme of the map will be a giant surface on the moon, where there's a war going on between the EDF and the alien empire. Duke has been hired as a sort of commando, and you will have to complete several objectives to complete the map, like destroying a harvester and some buildings."

Release Date: Merged into AMC TC

Project Name: Return to Black Mesa | Author: "Doom Marine", Quakis, BlitZ

Duke 3D/Eduke32 Total Conversion. "This mod takes place in the Black Mesa Research Facility, during the events of Half Life 1. This mod has been under construction since November (-04) last year, and is still underway. It features new weapons, enemies, sounds, levels, etc." Forum at DNR

Release Date: Abandoned

Project Name: DinoHunt | Author: Rusty Nails & a bunch of nolifers

This is an open project where the tools will be provided by Rusty Nails & Mblackwell. Mappers fill their levels with dinos. There's no common theme. If you wish to make a desert level you go ahead a do it - just so that it has got something to do with dinos. Each mapper then releases their levels whenever they feel like it - and zip them with the necessary Dino files & such. Forum at AMC

Release Date: Abandoned

Project Name: The System - GreenRose | Author: Quakis

Not even Quakis could run away from his responsibilities. Once you learn Build you can't stop. "GreenRose" is a sequel to "The System: Opposing Facility" and is therefore a part of a serie known as "The System". At the moment the level is getting ahead but since we're talking about Quakis I wouldn't jump to any "almost done" conclusions any time soon. Follow progress at QShockwave

Release Date: Abandoned

Project Name: Alien TC | Author: Rusty Nails, Mblackwell

An early demo for "Alien TC" was released a while ago for Eduke but it has very little - if anything - to do with the final product. Alien TC is being worked for Eduke32 by Rusty Nails & Mblackwell who're also the team behind TCP. Alien TC Demo - inspired by Alien vs Predator film - will be released next summer. Forum at AMC

Release Date: Abandoned