The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels


This TC includes three new episodes. Two first ones are for single player and the last one is
for dukematch. To say something about their quality then here it goes. Almost every level is
full trash. At first design sucks, second too many puzzles, third too many bugs. Even dukematch
levels weren't good at all.
Score 5/10

Almost all new enemies. Includes enemies like edf robots, somekind of a beast and lot more. Enemies
are very well coded and art looks good too. WSR includes also something really unique: civilians.
These humans are just walking around but it is very cool to shoot them. WSR includes two types of
humans, womans and mans.
Score 9/10

Every weapon replaced. Every weapon really rocks. To be straight I think that at the moment WSR
has best ever made Duke weapons. Weapons are like: Railgun from Q2/Q3/SW, somekind of a BFG,
cluster bombs, uzis and lot more. Con hacking is amazing.
Score 9/10

Some new midis which are quite good actually and windows95 installation program. Many new sound
effects and art files.
Score 7/10

Lastability: Excellent weapons and enemies. Just too bad that levels sucks:
Version: 1.4
Author: Novaware
Size: about 8Mb
Score: 6