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Time - oh boy the memories! It has been about five years now since the last (& first) time I played Time. It was majorly impressive back then. The level of details was so high that I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all that neat & (then) complex spritework. And guess what? It hasn't aged a bit. Many of today's standards are present in these maps. And like so many others, Time also got abandoned shortly after the demo was released.

Each level has some task you have to complete before you can exit the level (exiting them without completing the task takes you right back to start). They're simple tasks but bring just enough variety to make it seem at least partly original. I like how the first level - some office building - is full of cracks and explosions. It's very neatly connected and flows darn well. The second and third level are quite short - they should take no more than ten minutes. EDF Incompetency (E1L2) offers the best space design since GJHoyer or YMF500G and the last map gives you a chance to blow up an art museum.

There are some new textures, which are good, and some new midis, which are good too but there's only one weapon replacement and in fact even that is just the old pistol with some small visual modifications.

Conclusion: These three and a half levels are over quickly and they offer very little challenge but they're worth it.

Note: If the game is too slow, press your "Windows" button and close Time dos window - then return back to the game.

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Score: 8
Download: Sunet FTP
Version: 1.4, 1.5
Author: Forklift Productions
Size: 2.4Mb