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Santa replicant Nice hats

Nuclear Winter is a commercial add-on for Duke3D atomic.

First two levels are remakes of E1l1 & E1l2. They have some extra sectors and of course snowy theme. Other levels are in various places of North Pole where Santa's base is located. You'll find lost of Santa stuff from levels like toy factories, headquarters etc. Levels are fun to play and design is ok.
Score 7/10

Not real ones. These 'new' enemies are old enemies with new arts & sounds. For example there are some Grinch (that green guy from the movie) type creatures but they aren't far from Enforcers. However these enemies do fit with the christmas theme very well. There's a new boss which is quite fast and shoots rockets.
Score 6/10

No new guns.

There are some snow/christmas arts and sounds. Nothing special but fits with the theme. And of course new beginning & end animations.
Score 7/10

Lastability: Releasing this game as commercial wasn't very smart because there are lots of better TCs out there which are free:
Version: 1.4, 1.5
Author: Simply Silly Software
Size: 7.3Mt
Score: 6