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27th of May 2018

Mr The Killer by Seb Luca

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Mr The Killer is a six-level EDuke32 mod based on (and a sequel to) the author's 2D Le Tueur adventure/RPG games. You're an autistic killer "disguised as death" and in trouble with the law. Apart from being a Duke3D "total conversion", the mod doesn't have much in common with its base game, and yet a Duke3D player should still feel instantly comfortable with The Killer's core gameplay mechanics. The presentation is great, being an absurd blend of violence, humor and sunny atmosphere. While the mod should take you less than an hour to finish, there are plenty of locations to go around from small towns and hospitals to train rides and research facilities, all the while providing the player with a pleasant sense of progression and adventure. As in Duke3D, there are fun little details and bits of interactivity everywhere, including civilians you can talk with (or just kill; the protagonist isn't the most social type of person). The result is a world that feels alive and has its own history. Combat is satisfyingly simple with "punchy" weapons and a good selection of enemies. My only small gripe is that some of the mod's "puzzles" involve cheap stuff such as hidden switches, which just feels much too lazy for a work of such high quality. Apart from that, there's never a boring moment and Mr The Killer never stops being fun.

Score: 8½
Download: Mirror
Version: Standalone
Author: Seb Luca

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