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This TC is so good that it surely needs an updated review. First review of it was posted
sometime in the summer of 1999. Now it's time for another review of it (12.28.2000).

LR&WB has almost the best levels in TCs ever. First episode 'Last Reaction' is a pack of
maps which author did some years ago. You travel from huge canyons to moonbases etc. Levels
are massive sized and full of excellent puzzles and gameplay. My personal favorite in first
episode is 'New LA' which is a city that has been builded in moon. Feeling is awesome. Levels
are also full of lighting effects and shadowing is perfect.
Second episode 'Water Bases' is a pack of new levels located in underwater bases. New textures
and enemies fits perfectly in these levels which reaches original Duke's feeling.
Score 9/10

Some of the enemies has been taken from old Duke version called 'LameDuke'. Coding is awesoem
as well as the graphics. The new looking octabrain (aquabrain) is nice looking creature. It raises
from a waterpool in the ground and it's almost invisible. TC is also full of modified enemies from
the older enemies. For example new 'Enforcers' shoots with microwave expander.
The big boss itself in second episode 'water bases' is very well done. Graphic is cool as well
as its effects. Spare your bullets for this.
Score 9/10

No new weapons.

New textures are looking awesome well designed. Mostly they are just modified from the older Duke's
textures but that won't bother. They fits in levels very well.
LR&WB includes also new very cool looking animations (best ever seen in Duke TCs before).
And lot more...
Score 9/10

Lastability: Yuo MUST download this:
Version: V1.4 or V1.5
Author: George W-Bernard
Size: 8.5Mt
Score: 9/10