The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels


All four new episodes (24 total). Two first episodes are full of levels that
should be on my trashcan, but two last episodes are amazing ones. I haven't
never before seen so much good levels in TCs that in the last fourth episode!
Score 8½/10

I cant remember, maybe two or more new enemies. I really liked the first new
enemy (predator), but others hmmm... dont know.
Score 7½/10

Only one new weapon and that is Cd thrower. Very nice and usefull weapon.
Score for CD thrower-10/10 and else 6/10

Many new art files (trash, but not all!) and sound clips (Great!). The musics are sometimes
very borings.
Score 7/10

-Lastability: Nothing special TC except it takes some time to complete and you have to see last episode:
Version: V1.4 or V1.5
Author: BDP Team
Size: 16Mt
Score: 8/10