The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels


City Terror is a dukematch conversion for Atomic version of Duke. And this time it really is only a dukematch conversion. No single-player mode is included at all. Well of course you have bots but...

There are eight levels. Similarity between them is big. Each level is constructed using the same method. Just some buildings, cars, civilians & central part. That's how it's here. What's different between these eight levels are sky & building textures. Design is quite good but nothing special or original. There could have been more shadows - especially in those few sunny levels. One of the biggest problems in City Terror are invisible barriers which are spread all around each level. These are the places where you'll probably die when you try to run but suddenly an invisible wall blocks you. This thing could have been easily fixed.

Environment is ok. There are some new sounds which are quite good but you won't hear them much in the middle of fight. Cars & civilians add some realism to the game and they work quite well. There are also some 'enemies'. These enemies are policemen who run around the level carrying their guns & shooting players. Civilians add some nice feel to the battle but they're still quite buggy - but it's not that bad because you won't follow them much in the middle of fight.

When it comes to gameplay I can only give you some words about it. I haven't played this online (I have played Duke online only once if you remember) so the experience is a bit different. My opponents were bots. To launch game with them you need to read txt file & download some extra files from City Terror site. Bots played quite well but were sometimes too difficult. Biggest problem with gameplay was item placement. There were neither any items nor much weapons. Only weapon I could find was shotgun. Game played better with shotgun but that's all I could find. Chaingun was missing or well hidden (or at least so well hidden that it was difficult to find in the middle of fight). I checked it with cheats and found out that it had quite nicely done new model.

So in the end - City Terror leaves single players cold with only bots, eight almost identical levels & almost no else weapons than pistols. Those who play Duke online might find this more enjoyable.

Version: 1.4, 1.5
Author: Rob Wijkstra & team
Size: 4.2Mt