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26th of June 2006

Joe VS The Volcano | Single | Author: Michael E. Matthews | Download 40kt

Poor Joe... Forced to first climb up a volcano and then to take a dive. On his way there a bunch of evil foes await.
That's the idea and now you might be wondering how well such a storyline turned into a Duke3D map. Well - it's not bad. The design may seem a bit empty - there are hardly any details (well the surrounding mountains are not that bad - usually they're just blocks but here they have been sloped a bit) and there's just one lightning level throughout the whole map. But it doesn't look that bad. As you climb you'll meet more and more monsters - everything from Troopers to Battlelords. You better not miss any of the ammo spots. There's a sense of reward once you get to the top.
Play it - it's fun.

The Big One
Rating: 78