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UA Space | Single | Author: Rob Wijkstra | Download 21kt

'Urban Assault' was a TC that was under construction for long and I was one of those who were actually expecting it. Unfortunately this TC - like so many others as well - was cancelled due to - something (this was never officially announced but the UA website at hasn't been updated). This is a boss level from it made by the author of 'City Terror' TC. It's not as good as Rob's latest work on City Terror. It's a very simple & quite small space level with some short puzzles, three keys, some monsters and an Overlord boss. There are aligment problems and poor texture choices but the worst thing is the lack of shadows - Level is wayyy too bright. However shadows do exist in a couple of locations (see shot). The last battle was okay even it was mostly shooting Overlord from behind some boxes.

UA Space
Rating: 71