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Transport 2 | Single | Author: Devastator | Download 105kt

Devastator's latest 'Jade Base' scored 86 in 'Hot Maps'. Now Devastator is back in 'Maps' section. What happened? If you look at the design & originality of this level then you'd surely give it a place at the Hot Maps section. Design is original, colorful and interesting even it's missing trimwork and some textures are lame. However the problem is that this level is extremely difficult (and Devastator admits that). Puzzles are annoying. You press a button and some door opens somewhere - on the other side of the level probably. And there are tons of locks, doors, keys etc. so it's a maze. There are also some serious design flaws which should never exist in levels - you can't complete some parts without having enough energy or boots. You're given boots but you need them a lot so for example when you discover the end area you won't be able to exit the level without having at least 20 health points or boots. I had 10 health points and no boots so I had to cheat. There's also one part where you have to walk through a fire (and there are many fire sprites together so it would look better) so you have to have enough energy to pass it. Either you have to cheat or start from the beginning or then you just have to avoid saving when your health is low. The same problem with slime areas. You have to have enough energy and boots available all the time or you die. There are other design flaws as well. Press this one button and you end up being trapped - so that you really don't even know it. Save your game at this point and you have to start from the beginning. I don't know what I did wrong but I managed to complete this level without entering every area (which I even couldn't enter). I never saw the 'terraformer' area without cheating or the area with jailed monsters. I took a small look at Build and noticed that one teleport which was supposed to work didn't work. There was also one damn hard and annoying button combination puzzle. However I still managed to complete the level without cheating (although I used save-dnshowmap-load often). Looks good and original but damn it's just too hard for me. Some might like it. So if you want something frustrating then get this. 81 points comes from creativitiy and design. Biggest MSDN level review by the way(?).

Transport 2
Rating: 81