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WGSpace 2 | Single | Author: William Gee | Download 93kt

Guess who's back? Back again - yeah yeah it's William Gee. William released WGSpace 1 only about two weeks ago and now we already have a sequel. WGSpace 2 uses the same style but it's a lot more green due to its theme. Place is space - some alien-infested base floating in the middle of nowhere. Your job is to destroy two highly dangerous alien crafts. Design is impressive. Rooms are very large and still full of details. Textures are impressive. Hi-tech is well mixed with alien-hive style. Level has some influences from E2L4 & E2L5 as well as from William's previous levels. Those huge areas remind me of that one excellent hive level in an excellent 'Chimera TC'. There are lots of sounds & colored lighting which are all great. Something is moving all the time. Environment is very active. Gameplay is great too with some excellent puzzles (destroy those two spaceships) & lots of monsters. It's not far different from WGSpace 1. They're both almost same type space levels with big areas, huge sprite-stairs, colored lighting etc.

Rating: 97

WGSpace 2