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17th of December 2023

WG Lady Killer | Single/Multi | Author: William Gee | Download

The Review: The aliens have crashed Duke's Lady Killer Casino, a decision they're about to regret, for this is Duke's turf unlike any other. The map borrows a bunch of art from the leaked DNF2001, all of which fits right in in the author's capable hands. As expected from WG's modern output, the map makes extensive use of the TROR feature, with the casino's main lobby boasting several floors piled on top of one another. Navigation is quite simple with keys and buttons steadily opening the way toward the map's upper reaches where Duke's hi-tech headquarters awaits. The new art blends in nicely with Duke's stock material and lighting effects, making for a realistic-looking casino, and across the map the player is treated to some eye-popping views of a rain-soaked Las Vegas. What seemed to be missing though were ambient sound effects you'd expect to hear in a casino (such as the sound of slot machines), and the sound of rain is barely distinguishable with the background music on (that might actually be better off if the soundscape were better).
Gameplay overall felt balanced, but I have several small complaints: The red key lock is on a pillar in the middle of a large room, so when I found the key I couldn't remember where the lock was, and if you step off the yellow elevator as it starts moving (which I did to fight some minibosses), you can't get it to come back down again. I'm also not the biggest fan of "puzzles" typical of many usermaps where you have to press a bunch of buttons located seemingly randomly across several rooms, as it seems like a lame way to integrate separate locations into the gameplay flow.
Combat in Lady Killer is less plagued by excessive respawns and minibosses than some of the author's other maps, and overall the map had an enjoyable flow to it (owing in part to its logical sense of progression no doubt). Oh, and if you like The Shining (the movie), you're gonna love some of the references in Lady Killer.

Conclusion: William Gee's interpretation of the iconic Lady Killer casino from Duke Nukem Forever is a solid piece of work, making great use of its borrowed assets and the EDuke32 engine's modern features.

Rating: 94

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