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Toxi City | Single/DM | Author: Maarten v. Oostrum | Download 140kt

'Toxi City' is a nice and pretty large city map from Maarten Van Oostrum. His last city level 'The Big City' wasn't that good but this one sure is. Style is similar to his brother's (or his brother's style is similar to Maarten's - which way you want) and city is familiar with 'Roch' levels. It has blue sky, nice texture work and some little texture etc. innovations. Streets are full of nice looking buildings and other street stuff. There's also this factory part which is about 1/3 of the level. It's very good one with some jump-scenes and nice explosions. End battle with some Battlelords and fellow enemies is very enjoyable. Puzzles are good too (the usual and some button things at the cafeteria).
Where's that mouse?

Toxi City

Rating: 93